CRS was founded in January 2013 to respond to the increasing demand by companies working in the lifting machinery sector. CRS is a structured company able to provide competent and certified technical and operational assistance.

The registered office is now located in the industrial district north of Colorno in the Province of Parma and occupies a surface area of 400 m2, 50 m2 of which are dedicated to modern offices complete with cutting edge IT equipment.

The CRS team comprises highly qualified and experienced technical experts able to assess the specific requirements of each company and consequently activate a design and construction process of customised electrical systems for lifting equipment, also providing the wiring diagrams and control panel layouts.

Precisely based on the experience and qualifications of its technical staff, CRS can also produce the first electrical panel prototypes and then optimise them according to each customer’s needs.

CRS can also offer a purely electrical cabling service based on the customer’s personalised drawings. The automatic machines owned by CRS and the skills of its operators in optimising the assembly process make CRS the ideal partner for this type of service.

Finally, CRS stands out due to its resources available through outsourcing. Operators and technical experts can offer their professionalism and skills at the customer sites for performing services such as mechanical and electrical assembly, installation and testing.

CRS currently makes the following equipment available to customers

  • 3 MECAL terminal crimpers

  • 1 cutting and stripping machine for multiple pole cables with up to 7 1.5 mm2 wires made of H07

  • 1 cutting and stripping machine for single pole cables

  • 1 cable cutting machine for cables up to 20mm diameter

  • 1 parallel lathe for plastics processing

  • 2 pillar drills

  • 1 1.5-tonne forklift truck